It’s clear that businesses need a faster way to deliver applications—and low-code development platforms, like Mendix, provide a proven way to shorten time to value for new applications.


While the demand for custom applications has never been higher, traditional development approaches simply can’t keep pace. According to a statistic cited by Gartner, through 2021, market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT capacity to deliver it.


Low-code development platforms continue to gain traction in the market due to their ability to enable enterprises to rapidly build and deploy custom web and mobile apps—without the need for low-level coding. It’s great to see media, analysts, and other thought leaders continue to recognize the inherent business value and time-to-market advantages of low-code development platforms.


The SAP Cloud Platform now uses the Mendix App Platform to offer rapid application development, the quickest way to build enterprise-scale applications. Through this new partnership, enterprises can build custom applications on their SAP systems much faster than traditional development approaches allow, without a single line of code. It’s now possible for SAP customers to connect to SAP systems and deploy into production in minutes. 




















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DutchSoft  MENDIX-SAP solutions

(Sources: Forrester/Mendix)

DutchSoft Technology (DST) delivers  MENDIX-SAP solutions


DST provides customer solutions developed on the Mendix SAP platform. We have a number of unique value propositions with which we achieve a high level of professionality and govern continuous business alignment:
Standard solution library based on SAP modules ready to compose any blueprint
Seamless connection to Mendix library and microflows
Scalable and high quality developer teams with deep experience in SAP, Mendix, HANA.
Scrum Agile approach where App platforms and Jira together form a continuous cloud based solution delivery mechanism.

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(Sources images: Mendix, SAP, Atlassian)