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Announcement by SAP and MENDIX:

Mendix offers an easy-to-use platform to rapidly create and continuously improve enterprise applications.

SAP announced a global reseller agreement with Mendix.

Through this agreement, SAP will resell and support the Mendix platform under the name SAP® Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix.

The solution aims to allow customers to build custom applications on SAP Cloud Platform much faster than traditional development approaches.


With Mendix it has become much easier to realize a cloud-based end-to-end solution. The powerful SAP business solutions together with the Mendix platform provide a complete solution for portal, workflow and business functions in one cloud environment.


The spectacular development speed of the Mendix platform provides a significant cost saving for both development and operations


Estimation of your SAP/MENDIX solution.


DutchSoft Technology’s estimation tooling is based on composing a first blueprint by selection of pre-estimated SAP components followed by an estimation of this blueprint.


Our tooling is also capable to generate and estimate components for the  portal and the workflow which is added to the blueprint model.

This enables the customer to have full estimation picture of the future solution.


This draft blueprint model with the estimation of development and operation included can be delivered instantly.

Thanks to the much lower FP rate (max 4HRS/FPT) our tooling shall estimate that SAP/MENDIX solutions will cost 30% - 60% less indeed!   The same reduction will be reached at cost of operations.






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